Assistant to the CEO

Sophie Christin Hausberger, MA

Assistant to the CEO
Tel: +43-1-513 20 07-11


Sophie Christin Hausberger completed her Bachelor's degree in Health Informatics/eHealth at the University of Applied Sciences Joanneum in 2015 and her Master's degree in Health Management at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in 2018, with a personal focus on workplace health promotion. In June 2016, Ms. Hausberger joined the IPF team for the first time as a Senior Researcher.

Her master's thesis "An economic evaluation of worksite health promotion interventions" was awarded the Health Research Award as well as the Pannonia Research Award in 2019. In addition, she has given guest lectures on health economic topics in the Master's program "Integrated Care Management" at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland. Her expertise in health economics includes above all the special field of indirect costs.

Since June 2022, Ms. Hausberger has again joined the Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research and this time as the right hand of the CEO.

Selected Publications

Health-related quality of life, work productivity and costs related to patients with inflammatory bowel disease in Austria. Walter E, Hausberger SC, Groß E, Siebert U. J Med Econ. 2020