The Institute

The Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research (IPF GmbH) was founded in March 2003 and is engaged in analysis and strategic research in health and pharmaceutical economics. A special focus is Market Access in the pharmaceutical industry.

A highly qualified, experienced and interdisciplinary team works under the management of Dr. Evelyn Walter. Our range of services in the field of health and pharmaceutical economics benefits from knowledge and experience in the social and economic sciences, medicine and natural sciences. Sophisticated formal approaches are our particular strength. Our work and international integration guarantee an optimal service in the national, regional and global environment for our clients.

We offer consulting, develop tailor-made solutions and individual products. Our customers come from the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and medical device industries, as well as their interest groups and professional associations. 

In times of scarce resources, health economic calculations are an important instrument for analysis and strategy. With the help of micro- and macroeconomic studies in our areas of expertise, complex questions can be prepared in a clearly structured manner. Our versatile and interdisciplinary range of services enables us to provide solutions for individual problems as well as complete solutions.