Health- & Pharmaeconomics

Basically, health economics deals with the rational use and scarcity of resources in the health care system. In this sense, it helps medicine to provide the best possible care despite scarce resources. The focus is on health goods, such as drugs, remedies and aids, therapeutic measures, operations, etc., of various market participants such as health insurance companies and patients.

The Institute of Pharmaeconomic Research (IPF GmbH) deals with various questions of health economics, such as health care expenditures, optimal financing, the economic importance of the health care sectors or the socio-economic determinants in the health care system as well as governmental regulation mechanisms. The topics of pharmaceutical economics include questions of drug prices in international comparison, price regulations, drug expenditures, drug consumption and drug distribution.

IPF GmbH offers the following portfolio in the field of health & pharmaceutical economics:
•    Health Services Research
•    Health system research
•    Health expenditure & health financing
•    Economic factor analysis
•    Regulation of healthcare markets & drug price regulation
•    Price comparisons of pharmaceuticals
•    Drug expenditure, drug consumption & drug distribution
•    Socio-economic determinants