Health Economic Modelling

Health economic evaluation is generally characterized as the science of the economic consequences of medical interventions. Health economic studies thus identify the costs, i.e. the consumption of resources, and the clinical, economic and human consequences of the therapy.

For pharmaceutical companies, the proof of economic viability represents a central challenge for inclusion in the reimbursement process.

Health economic evaluation offers the possibility to assess therapies in terms of their costs and medical consequences using different models (Markov models, Partitioned Survival models, Mixed Cure models). In order to guarantee a methodological standard, the Institute of Pharmaeconomic Research - in cooperation with experts of the Austrian health care system - has developed a guideline for health economic evaluation.

Health economic models span the entire product life cycle when it comes to the question of defining a target population for a certain product, the budget impact of a product and the development of product sales over time and a pricing model derived from this.

IPF GmbH offers the following portfolio in the field of health economic evaluation:
•    Health economic models (cost-effectiveness models)
•    Budget Impact Analyses
•    Medical cost studies
•    Patient Flows
•    Sales Forecasts 
•    Support with pricing and reimbursement