Real-World-Evidence Studies

RWE (Real-World-Evidence) studies provide valuable additional information to the pharmaceutical industry and its associated players such as manufacturers of medical devices, authorities, health insurance companies and hospitals. The fields of application range from the recognition of behavioural patterns, the evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of treatments, the estimation of the costs of certain diseases, risk-benefit considerations and quality of life under a certain therapy to complex diagnoses and statements on the prevalence of certain diseases.

RWE is derived from real-world data (RWD) generated in clinical practice outside randomized controlled clinical trials. Sources include electronic patient records, digital applications, observational studies, evaluation of registry data or prescription data, and data from surveys. 

•    Retrospective Chart Reviews
•    Quality of life analyses (QoL or Quality of Life Data)
•    Indirect cost data (presenteeism and absenteeism) 
•    Compliance studies
•    Epidemiological data