Senior Researcher

Gerald Eichhober, MSc

Senior Researcher
Tel: +43-1-513 20 07-12

Gerald Eichhober completed his bachelor's degree in "Health Management and Health Promotion" in 2015 and completed the master's degree in "Integrated Case and Care Management” with an individual focus on strategic controlling at the University of Applied Sciences Burgenland in 2017. Since March 2018, Mr. Eichhober is an essential part of the IPF team. Previously, he was able to gain experiences and extensive specialist knowledge in the administrative area of the SeneCura Group. Thanks to him, we can draw on additional specialist know-how from the Austrian health and social care sector.

At the Institute for Pharmaeconomic Research Mr. Eichhober's expertise is primarily focused on the field of global health economic models, in particular on cost-effectiveness studies as well as budget impact analyses.

Selected Publications

Economic impact of industry-sponsored clinical trials of pharmaceutical products in Austria. Walter E, Eichhober G, Voit M, Baumgartner C, Celedin A, Holzhauser C, Mraz B, Ornauer C, Pleiner-Duxneuner J, Ponner B, Presch I, Pum G, Tieben H, Weingartmann G, Baltic D, Bonitz W, Kaehler ST. J Med Econ. 2020